Online Team Registration


Registration Info for the Lone Star Regional Championships:

In order to be accepted into the tournament, teams must complete all THREE requirements listed below:

  1. Register by clicking the link above
  2. Payment of entry fee to appropriate tournament host
  3. Stay to Save Requirement If a club/team is located outside 60 miles of the playing venue,they must reserve at least 5 hotel rooms within the tournament's block for the entirety of the event
  4. NEW Lone Star Region Roster Verification Each team's roster must have a certified referee, certified scorer, and an IMPACT certified coach. Click for the official Lone Star Region statement .

**Only teams that are members of the Lone Star Region are eligible to register for the Lone Star Regional Championships.

The Lone Star Regional Championships will be following the bid acceptance procedure introduced in 2016. Lone Star Regionals will be capping each BID division at 64 teams.

For more information regarding the acceptance procedures, please check the Format and Acceptance page
Entry fee payment of $495
  • Pay online via AES with credit card
  • Send check to tournament host

Checks should be made payable to Tournaments Inc. (11s, 15s-17s) or EM2 Sports (12s-14s) and mailed to:

Tournaments Inc.
Attn: Lone Star Regionals
448 W. 19th Street, #227
Houston, TX 77008
EM2 Sports
Attn: Lone Star Regionals
425 Woodward St.
Austin, TX 78704

Stay to Save Requirement

For more instructions regarding Stay to Save please click on your division:

WKND 1WKND 2 18s
Fee Policy
Fee Amount
Late Fee $50
Move Fee $25

Late Fee: applied when any requirement for full acceptance is completed after the deadline
Move Fee: applied if a team moves divisions after the team has been accepted (before or after the deadline)
The move fee may be waived if the move benefits the tournament
Refund Policy
Situation Refund Amount

Teams pending that drop prior to the deadline

Full Refund

Teams pending that drop after the deadline

Refunded all but $150

Teams accepted that drop prior to the deadline

Refunded all but $150

Teams accepted that drop after the deadline

No Refund

Teams waitlisted that drop prior or after the deadline

Full Refund

Teams dropped due to non-compliance of LS Regional rules

No Refund
*Special circumstances will be considered for a review of an individual team drop, but all decisions of the Tournament Director will be final.

All entry fees are non-transferable - a team may not use this entry fee for any other tournament.

Tournament refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the reason for not participating was out of the participant's control, such as inclement weather conditions affecting travel, then a full credit may be given to the team/club and can be applied towards a future ASC/EM2 tournament entry.

If weather conditions become a concern, any and all updates regarding the event can be found here.