Team Check-In


What to bring?
  • To check in a team, please bring an updated roster per team from Advanced Event Systems. Any changes that need to be made must be completed on AES and be reflected on the official printed roster that is submitted at Team Check-In. We will not be able to print a copy of your roster!
When/Where to Check-In
  • Early On-Site Team Check-In - Will be held on-site in each city on the day before play begins. Estimated times and locations are listed below but keep in mind these are subject to change.
  • On-Site Team Check-In - For teams not able to attend Early Team Check-In, they must check in on the first day of play at their respective playing venue at the Championship Desk or designated location.
  • Online Team Check-In - Online check-in will be through AES for both weekends.
    Please note the Region mandates, the certified scorekeeper and R2 on your team’s roster must be the person that is performing those duties for all teams in the Bid division. The Region may enforce this by checking the scoresheets and the penalty will be forfeiture of matches.

How to download and print a team roster

Please refer to the example to the right for an accepted official team roster. All areas highlighted in green are required.

  1. Log in to Advanced Event Systems with a Club Director user profile.
  2. Under the "Club Director" tab in the top left corner, click 'Clubs.'
  3. From the 'Quick Links' options at the top, choose 'Teams'.
  4. Find the necessary team and click on the team name .
  5. From the list of events click the "Print" link (far right) located next to the tournament you are attending.
    *Be sure you are printing the roster for the correct event
  6. Double check your roster is correct. If so, print that roster and be sure to bring a signed copy to Team Check-In.
  7. Repeat these steps for all teams participating in the tournament.

Example of an Accepted
Official Team Roster