Format & Acceptance

All teams participating in the BID division must meet the minimum referee, score, and impact requirements on their team's roster.

BID vs. Non-BID Divisions

Each age group will have a BID and Non-BID division. Bids for the GJNC National and American divisions are earned in the BID division of the Lone Star Regional Championships. The Non-BID (Club or Elite) division is for teams competing for the regional championship but do not wish to continue on to the GJNC.

All BID divisions at the LSR Championships will be capped at 48 teams (the 11s at 24), please see below (To be updated for 2020) for more information regarding this recent change.

Penalty for not using a GJNC bid earned at the LS Regional Championships
If a team chooses to play in a BID division at the Lone Star Regional Championships and at the conclusion of the tournament does not accept the earned bid for the GJNC tournament, all teams within the club will not be allowed to play in the LSR Championships BID division for the following tournament. This exclusion will be determined at the end of the LS Regionals and will not apply to teams offered a bid at a later date.

BID division Acceptance Procedures

All BID divisions in the Lone Star Junior Regional Championships will be limited to a maximum of 48 teams (the 11s at 24). The teams accepted into the BID division will be determined by Lone Star Region's Jr. Development Director's Ranking Committee. The Non-BID divisions will not be capped at 64, and all teams that register and complete the full registration requirements (payment and hotels) before the deadline will be accepted as space permits.

BID Division Acceptance Procedure

The ranking for LSR Championships will be pulled on March 31, 2020.

How to become eligible for the BID division
LSR BID division policy for teams with a bid to the GJNC
Open bid
A team with an Open bid may play up by one or two age groups in the Non-BID division.
National or USA bid
A team with a National or USA bid may play up by one age group in the Non-BID division. With approval from the region office, these teams may also play up by two age groups.
American bid
A team with an American bid may compete for a national bid in the BID division or play up by one age group in the Non-BID division.