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Please note that the 2018 Lone Star Regional Championships is a stay to save event. All teams outside the 60-mile radius of the playing venue are required to book at least 5 rooms for the entirety of the event with EM2 Housing.

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The Lone Star Regional Championships practices the Stay to Save policy. This means that all teams and attendees must book their rooms through EM2 Housing approved LSR hotel. With the renegotiated rates, you will see some of the lowest rates at the best hotels in the area.

1What is Stay to Save?
A policy that requires all teams and attendees to book their hotel rooms through EM2 Housing at an approved LSR hotel. With the renegotiated rates, you will see some of the lowest rates at the best hotels in the area.
2Why is the Lone Star Regional Championships using Stay to Save?
The main catalyst for going Stay to Save was to get the best possible rates for LSR participants. You will continue to see great low rates at the best hotels.
3How many rooms do I have to book to be accepted into the tournament
Each team will be required to book a minimum of 5 rooms, each with a 1 night minimum stay. These 5 rooms can be made up of team rooms (where players are staying in a room together), coaches' rooms, and/or parents' rooms.

Team room totals are based on each individual team and not on a club basis, so the specific team that you are booking for must be selected when making the reservation. Therefore, if a club is entering 4 teams into the tournament; they must book 5 rooms per team, for a minimum of 20 rooms.
4Special Situations: What if my team is...?
  • Do you want to use your own travel agent? LSR has set up a travel agent program. Please contact us to obtain program details.
  • Is there a hotel not on our list that your team would like to use? Send the hotel name, address, and number of rooms needed to or call 1-800-603-0917. If you have a rate quote, please include this information.
  • If you are a Local team , (tournament site is within 60 miles of your team practice site) you do not need to book hotel rooms. If you have an inquiry about being a local team just outside of the 60 mile radius, please send an e-mail to with your club name and address.
  • Cancellations

    What is the Cancellation Policy?
    The cancellation policy and applicable fees are hotel specific and can be found under the Hotel Listing in AES.
    Reservations must be guaranteed by a valid major credit card at the time the reservation is made

    Individual and Group Reservations
    1. TBD at 12pm (Noon) CST - All rooms must be filled in with individual names of guest staying in room. Any rooms without at least one name will be cancelled.
    2. TBD at 12pm (Noon) CST - All cancellations and changes must be completed.  No cancellations or changes will be accepted by EM2 Housing after this date.
    How do I cancel my reservation?
    Any cancellations or change to the check-in/check-out date must be EMAILED to

    • Type CANCELLATION and the NAME OF THE HOTEL into the subject line.
    • In the body of the email please state that you would like to cancel your reservation.  Be sure to include your reservation number and the name of the event your reservation is under. 
    Will I get charged if I cancel my reservation?
    For the majority of the hotels, you will not get charged if you make a cancellation or change before TBD at 12pm (Noon) CST. Any change or cancellation after TBD at 12pm (Noon) CST will be charged according to the individual hotel policies.

    Hotel Issues

    Hotel has no record of my reservation. What do I do?
    The hotels will not have any of your information until after the due dates have been completed. You will not be in their system until then. All questions and changes needed after due dates must be sent to or by calling 1-800-603-0917 and not through the hotels.
    Is the reservation number my confirmation number?
    No, your reservation number is used to track your reservation through our system. Once the hotels get your reservation, we will send a confirmation number.
    When will I receive my confirmation number?
    You should have it by the end of TBD. Some hotels will return confirmation numbers faster than others and we will do what we can to ensure the confirmation numbers are sent out as quickly as possible.
    How do I change the check in/check out date?
    Any change to the check-in/check-out date must be emailed to
    • Type check-in/check-out change and the name of the hotel in the subject line of the email.
    • In the email you need to state that you would like to change the dates to your reservation.
      - Please give your reservation number and the name of the event your reservation was under.
    • Changes to check-in/check-out dates will not be accepted after TBD at 12pm (Noon) CST.

    Credit Cards

    When is the hotel going to charge my credit card?
    Hotels with advanced deposits will be charged on the date under the Cancellation Policy for the specific hotel. Hotel can charge credit card if reservation is cancelled after the hotels specific cancellation date. If there is no advanced deposit, and you do not cancel, then your credit card will be charged at arrival. If you "no show"/check-in on day of arrival, then the hotel will charge your credit card.
    Will anyone see my credit card number or anyone else's credit card?
    No, only the name on the credit card is visible.

    18s Divisions Hotel Deadlines ONLY

    These deadlines apply to guests that book after December 15, 2016.
    • October 2, 2017

      Reservations Open - 8AM CST
    • November 2, 2017

      40% Deadline - 40% of rooms must have
      a name and credit card associated
    • November 30, 2017

      80% Deadline - 80% of rooms must have
      a name and credit card associated
    • December 14, 2017

      100% Deadline - 100% of rooms must
      have a name and credit card associated
    • January 18, 2018

      Online Reservations Closed - Discounted
      rates will not be guaranteed and any
      changes to the reservations must be
      made directly through the hotel